Terms and Conditions

All venue hire bookings (“booking”, “event”) at the Princes Theatre (“the venue”, “we”, “our” or“us”) and the person(s), organisation or company making the booking (“the hirer” or “you”) areaccepted strictly on the basis that the venue’s standard terms and conditions of hire shall apply.

1. Confirmation of booking

All venue hire bookings are treated strictly as provisional (“light pencil”) until such time that a non-refundable deposit and signed wedding agreement are returned to us by the hirer. This should be within 14 calendar days of the provisional booking being made (refer to paragraph 2). In exceptional circumstances, we may not be able to accept a provisional booking or may not be able to honour the 14 calendar day hold period and will require immediate payment of the deposit to secure the booking.

2. Deposits

We will require a non-refundable deposit before confirming any booking, which should be paid within 7 days of being requested. After this time, if the deposit remains unpaid, we reserve the right to cancel the provisional booking without notification to you, although wherever possible we will use reasonable endeavors to contact you prior to doing this. All deposits are non-refundable.

3. Balance payments

The full balance payment is required at least 6 weeks prior to the event. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the event. Once the balance payment has been received, we regret we are unable to refund or reallocate monies.

4. Cancellations

All cancellations must be confirmed in writing. You will forfeit any deposit payment you have made. In certain circumstances and at our discretion, a deposit may be deferred to secure an alternative date. If we incur charges relating to items we have hired specifically on your request for your event (for example, chair covers, or additional technical equipment) then these charges will remain payable in full by you, unless we are able to mitigate the loss with the supplier.

Additional charges may also be payable by you, calculated as a percentage of the potential total booking value of the event being cancelled, according to the table:

Cancellation prior to event Charges payable:
More than 6 months Deposit only
6 months or less 25% of total booking value
3 months or less 35% of total booking value
1 month or less 50% of total booking value
14 days or less 90% of total booking value
7 days or less 100% of total booking value

5. Price Reviews

All costs and prices are subject to review on 1st April each year.

6. Damage

You may be held responsible for any damage caused in public areas by you or persons that are visiting the premises for the purposes of attending your event.

7. Corkage

Strictly no food or drink may be brought onto the premises for consumption on the premises. We regret that we do not offer a corkage service.

8. Equipment brought on to premises

If you are arranging your own entertainment (DJ, band, etc), it is your responsibility to ensure that all electrical equipment being brought onto the premises is electrically safe and has been subject to a regime of periodic electrical inspections (commonly known as PAT testing). You are advised that we retain the right to refuse the use of any equipment that we believe to be electrically and/or intrinsically unsafe.

All prices are subject to an annual review every April. All information is correct at the time of printing. E&OE.

9. Cancellation policy

The Council has the right, by written notice to the Hirer given at any time, to cancel the hiring in any one or more of the following circumstances:if the premises or any part are not available for all or any part of the hire period due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Council;if the premises during the whole or any part of the hire period do not or would not comply with any regulations, requirements or conditions of law or statute whether imposed by a local authority or otherwise (and whether or not due to the act, neglect, default or breach of duty of the Council), a statement of such non-compliance under the hand of an officer of the Council to be final and binding;If the chief officer or deputy chief officer of the Council in his absolute discretion considers that there is an overriding need for the premises or any part thereof to be used by any person or persons for any purpose connected with a local, parliamentary or European election, emergency planning, fire, flood, disaster or any other such matter or event, a statement of such overriding need under the hand of any such officer to be final and binding.

10. Covid-19

Customers are responsible to follow current government guidance to reduce risk of contracting Covid-19. Princes Theatre and Tendring District Council cannot be held liable.

Following Government guidance Princes Theatre and Tendring District Council have put all reasonable measures in place to reduce the risk posed by Covid-19 to reduce the spread and potential outbreak on our premises.

Princes Theatre has the right to refuse entry to any individual or party who display any Covid-19 symptoms.